Half way point of #30days wild

Day 14 of #30days wild saw me checking out Kissing alley and the woods round Hethersett Hall for the dawn chorus. Now if you want to get the best out of the dawn chorus then a warm early May is the best time however with free time limited I did my best with a damp June morning. First and a little unexpected was the chirruping calls of housemartins hawking above the trees .


Soaring Housemartin Credit: peterh50 via Compfight cc

Next to provide a bit of ‘song’ were a cock pheasant and some woodpigeons. Thankfully a few more acoustically adept birds rolled in despite the damp including probably the best a blackbird followed by robin and wren. I had hoped to catch up with a willow warbler as they have been missing from my patch list for a while I did manage both chiffchaff and blackcap but there was no sign of willow warbler. Having checked out the reporting rates this year on bird track they appear to be on ‘track’ so my not having seen them can perhaps be put down to my lack of time on my patch.

willow warbler


Kissing Alley for those not interested in graphs this local walk  is now a damp overgrown tunnel and a great place to listen for birds when it is warm and sunny

Day 15 and halfway through #30days wild I had a brief lunchtime encounter in Norwich with a young grey wagtail and his parent. They are incredibly loud as youngsters and draw attention to themselves. Locally Wymondham and Marlingford are the best places to see them.


Young Grey Wagtail Credit: Peanut1371 via Compfight cc

I also threw in a brief visit to a hay meadow on the edge of the village this afternoon which played havoc with my hay fever and produced little of avian interest but did give me a chance to catch up on a butterfly to add to the Butterfly Collector page on the website


Speckled wood Butterfly

Given a couple of quiet wild days It was a good opportunity to catch up with some other very accomplished bloggers who I would recommend. So here in no particular order are my recommended top 10.

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  9. https://lacer.wordpress.com/
  10. https://eeleereynolds.wordpress.com/


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