Book List

The following is a list of recommended reads  with more to follow as and when they are published or I get round to reading them:

Best Birdwatching Sites: Norfolk (third edition)
by Neil Glenn

Where to watch


Well written guide which will identify new places and hidden treasures for all but the most experienced birders. Good maps and guides to birds at different times of year.




Where to Watch Birds in East Anglia Jun 2002 by Peter R. Clarke  & Margaret Clarke 

where to watch EA


Written by two people with vast experience and a passion for the birds. Provides a more general guide but in the kind of detail the more experienced birdwatcher would appreciate covering all .East Anglia’s primary birding hot-spots.



Collins Bird Guide, Paperback (2nd edition)
by Larrs Svensson, Killian Mullarney, Dan Zetterstrom & Peter J Grant


There are numerous bird guides but this one is my favourite covering everything you are likely to see in Europe let alone Hethersett. The recent addition of an App for Tablets and smart phones makes it even more useful adding sound and video and letting you take it out in the field where access to the audio can assist with identification.



The ultimate site guide to scarcer British birds (3rd edition) by Lee G. R. Evans


Once bitten by the twitch bug and longing to find some of our scarcer and extraordinary birds you will need a copy of this. Written by the best known and probably most obsessive as well as hugely experienced  twitcher this is a UK guide with plenty of  Norfolk interest including site maps and illustrations .




 Birds of Norfolk 1977 by M. J. Seago

Birds of norfolkThis is a great retro read having been originally published in 1977 and covering the previous decades. It was revised in 2000 but even the original is still a fascinating read which allows you to compare some of the bird numbers and distribution with the present day. All the species that occur in Norfolk are detailed with some fascinating facts for many of them.



 RSPB Spot the bird 2012 by Dorling Kindersley

spot the birdThis is perfect for the young birdwatcher or potential bird watcher. suitable for ages 4 to 44 with stickers to show that you have seen the birds which are well illustrated through the book. Paper back and sensibly pocket sized (although possibly not if you have 4 year old sized pockets) a must have for the very next generation of birders

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  1. I have the hefty Collins Bird Guide. Thanks for the recommendations, I’m always on the lookout for bird books – already have many, but can’t have too many!

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