Wild June Owl is not good

Wild June gets more tricky after the first few days especially if you have an already hectic life however a few moments of wildness is always possible. On Sunday the 12th I took part in a local fundraiser for a very good cause see here for the details. In the 10k run there were few highlights from a natural perspective but the next photo captures both the June weather so far and my favourite songster of the run the yellowhammer. Other highlights included house martin and skylark.


And it’s all Yellowhammer 

Next wild day was more of a wild-night inspired by Springwatch I thought I would check on the local owl population but the poor weather put pay to any owl sightings. Constant rain again battered my windows and kept the owls quiet as they are so dependent on insects or noise for hunting and to add to their misery the village expansion continues with a new development of houses on one of four breeding areas from last year.


Little Owl Credit: malkv (400,000 + Views) via Compfight cc

Whilst undoubtedly the owl and the oak trees on the edge of the latest development will survive I doubt if the owl will stay with houses built all over its hunting habitat.


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