Kissing Alley

I checked out the Eastern side of the village today which is popular with walkers and will feature in a future ‘Walks with Birdwatching Highlights’. The fine weather lead me down Kissing Alley which stretches down the side of Hethersett Hall.

Kissing Lane

I was prompted by the promise of Wikipedia which states:

‘the walker has excellent views of the Park with its remaining large trees and lake. Members of the thrush family regularly feed here; sometimes in early spring these include large gatherings of Fieldfares and Redwings before they depart for their eastern breeding grounds. Both Canada and Barnacle Geese breed in the vicinity of the lake where Mallards, Moorhens and Coots are regularly seen. Cormorants also visit these waters with a variety of other ducks dropping in from time to time. The careful observer can often see a patient Heron or even a Kingfisher waiting for a catch.’

It  is getting a little late in the year for winter thrushes or wildfowl but at the lake I was rewarded with a solitary Canada goose several mallard and moorhens.

canada goose
Canada Goose  Credit: richardblackburn1974 via Compfight cc

The woods around the lake were full of the sounds of chiffchaff, goldcrest, songthrush and blue tits and great tits were flying about with nesting material. There was a call of pair of bullfinch as I returned to the village but they remained out of sight. Crows rooks. jackdaws and a jay also called near the Hall and in the fields around.


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