Old Hall School and Park Farm Circular Walk

Old Hall School Walk




IMG_17011) Start point for this loop walk is the small wooden gate at which there is very limited parking so it is suggested you go green and walk here from the village. The walk is a loop but particularly early morning it is suggested you follow it clockwise so first head towards the Old Hall School itself. The mature grounds of the school are perfect for hedgerow and garden birds including blue tit ,great titchaffinch and in the spring chiffchaff look out also for resident Jackdaws and the occasional sparrowhawk.

2) The next point of interest is the playing field with its attraction to crows and blackbirds as well as gulls in the winter. Early morning or a quiet evening will also give you views of feeding rabbits. The hedge running north alongside the playing field is full of ivy and brambles providing food and cover so expect to see all the thrushes including redwing and fieldfare in winter.

IMG_17053) The next stretch of path backs onto farm and rough land and then round the corner it backs onto houses and horse fields. Any gaps in the hedge will allow for views of pheasants in the early spring and swallows hawking flies above the horse fields in the summer.

4) The next stretch of hedge will give you views of a number of the finch family including greenfinchchaffinch as well as the possibility of linnet and bullfinch. if you haven’t seen them already as well as robin and wren.

5) Another hedge line with old oak trees and some hedging and brambles which give cover to birds including Yellowhammer and greenfinch as well as the occasional pheasant.

IMG_17226) This is a piece of  old wood which is now bisected by the A11 but was originally fairly substantial and may hide buzzard,  great spotted woodpecker and goldcrest.

7) You can continue to follow the field margins here or cross through a  little gate and walk along the footpath giving an opportunity to look for any birds of the adjacent gardens including house sparrows and at dusk I have seen pheasants and even roe deer stray out of the driveways of the mature gardens.

8) at the entrance to Park Farm re-join the field edges and follow the path round mature gardens and in the last field check the mature oaks for woodpigeons and crows. This is also a good spot to make the most of the song of the skylark in Spring and Summer . You should have been serenaded by them as you followed the fields round  with many territories locally.

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