Hethersett Walks (With Bird-watching Highlights)

Walking in and around  Hethersett has long been a popular pastime and local walks are well documented. One of my favourite accounts of this can be found at the following page of the Hethersett at war website which is fascinating and well worth a look if you are interested in local history.


Below is a list of useful walking links for those intent primarily on getting out and getting fit . It is also worth searching the Village website for walks as this will bring up some great ones published in  H.E.A.T. newsletters.

Permissive Paths Hethersett and Great Melton

Great Melton Farm Walks

Walking in Norfolk mostly Wymondham walks

For those of a more birding persuasion I have documented a number of local walks that will give the walker an idea of where they can see some of the local avian highlights. If you are interested in finding the Birds of Hethersett then the local walks on this site will give you the best opportunities helpfully signposted. As with all the areas of the site it is intended to be interactive so please add your comments or send the editors your sightings at suburbanbirder@gmx.com so we can continue to improve.

Links to the Birding Walks:

Around the Wong

Church Farm and Hethersett Hall Loop

Old Hall School and Park Farm Circular Walk

West Hethersett Loop

10 thoughts on “Hethersett Walks (With Bird-watching Highlights)

  1. I can’t help you with records from Norfolk, but I can hear an irate Kentish blackbird as I write. A lesson in perseverance: the nesting box I put on our house wall behind a pyracantha has been used twice before as the base for a blackbird’s nest and at least in a couple of winters as a roosting box; now, some ten years on, it has blue tits in residence; the cock seems to be feeding his hen at present but we look forward to a few chicks sometime soon. Thank you for looking in and following. WT

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  2. Hi.
    I really enjoy reading your blogs. I have a disability which affects my mobility and therefore I cannot go out walking and watching wildlife at the places I used to go to. I have to use a mobility scooter to get out. I live in Wymondham and I would love to visit the ‘Hethersett Walks’ and wondered if you could provide any maps? Unfortunately I cannot drive but I would be able to get to Hethersett or Gt Melton on my scooter.

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    1. Thanks for your kind words. The walks on this web site cater very badly for those with mobility issues. I will have to see what I can come up with. The wymondham nature group may have some suggestions and you could try their Facebook site. The new cycle path from Wymondham to Hethersett can be very good with birds and deer in the adjacent woods and fields.


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