Village sightings

Spring is definitely heading this way and whilst it has generally brought nothing but grey days and rain there have been a couple of brief interludes of sunshine. The recently predicted, singing blackbirds were superb last week as they made the most of a late burst of sunshine to establish their territories with their fluted song.


Singing Male Blackbird Credit: Birder Jez via Compfight cc

Whilst the blackbirds were new to the evening chorus they were joined by wrens and robins and a little less melodic but none the less in the spring mood were jackdaws now spending a lot of time grooming and pair-bonding. A couple of evenings last week were far noisier as up to ten greylag geese circled the centre of the village bringing a touch of the wild. Other recent high lights brought to my attention were three red kites seen recently over Old Hall School  and also yellow hammers which are just starting to sing and also seem happy to follow you along the local roads whether you are on foot or cycling.


Yellow hammer on full sing mode  Credit: Full Moon Images via Compfight cc

Whilst the first spring migrants are still a few weeks away there is still time to catch up with a few winter visitors before they start crossing migration paths. A quick check of Wild about Hethersett (click here if you haven’t read it before or for a while) shows that February is still good for redwing and siskins  both of which are yet to grace my village list.

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