Autumn visitors


In between the autumnal showers this week came wave after wave of winter migrants high over the village. At this time of year both day and night skies are often full of winter migrants. The seasonal visitors this morning and overnight were redwings recent returnees from Russia and the Balkan states where they breed. They were happily feeding on berries this afternoon at Beckhithe meadow.


Photo Credit: Svenni and his Icelandic birds. Flickr via Compfightcc

Other less than usual over head fliers have included morning and afternoon squadrons of cormorants flying in V formations. These birds are presumably travelling to and from Hall Lake to fish and returning to Marlingford or Bawburgh to roost.

Cormorant ready for take off

Also very obvious at this time of year are a profusion of fungi and mushrooms they are everywhere with the one shown below taken at Beckhithe and there are…

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One thought on “Autumn visitors

  1. About 20 years ago when they drained Gt Melton reservoir leaving mostly mud , there were about 8 Green Sandpipers there for several weeks Sept- Oct

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