Wood warbler and other July highlights

Wow where did July go? I was just getting used to keeping my new bird bath topped up during, the usual, hottest temperatures ever recorded and it is nearly over. The month has also brought out the usual annual avian highlight of seagull abuse and tales of eaten dogs in the national press. Fear not however villagers, whilst there more lesser blackbacked gulls are to be seen and heard at  this time of year none of them have been reported as eating dogs or small children.

Lesser black backed Gull (6)

Lesser Blackbacked gull on the look out for a small canine snack

The hot weather has also meant that the local buzzards have again been spectacular over the village and drawn the usual attention from the local crows and last week I noticed them attracting mobs of swifts shadowing their activities. I cant belive that the buzzards present a threat to agile swifts but I guess the fact that they are a predator is enough to draw a reaction.


Jet Black village Carrion Crow threatened by very little outside of Buzzards.

This months local surveying was done early, along with some assistance provided by myself and a number of hard working accomplices young and old at the county wildlife site at Beckhithe Meadow (Click HERE to read about the highlights of the latter). Out on the local lakes the last of the awaited broods of youngsters hit the water with young tufted ducks like crazy black pom poms out on the water with their parents whilst the common tern chicks had fledged and followed their parents begging for food,


Proud father , Tufted duck.

Whilst out checking the ducks I bumped into one of the relatively trusted regulars who dropped into conversation that they had heard a wood warbler singing not far away but had not seen it for a few days. After my recent delight at hearing  a quail on the same patch I wasn’t going to be blessed with another rare singer so leave you with this video highlighting what is  one of my favourite songsters.

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