Yes it back, the month with too many ZZ’s and the birding is somewhat depressed locally like the grey weather. There is still some excitement for the likes of sea watchers and for those nearer the coast with passage migrants working their magic journeys and thrilling those who see them, but locally it has been very quiet. At this time of the year many birds are skulking and moulting post breeding.

DSC_0029 (2).JPG

Long tailed-tit a bit skulky but at least about.

Garden highlights have included flocks of young birds including long-tailed tits, blue tits and great tits and every so often a chiffchaff moving in amongst them with safety in numbers from any predators. The only bird of prey to grace the garden was a pair of barn owls who appeared briefly although not with this years youngster who has not yet ventured too far from his home.


Black winged stilt mother and young.

I had been hoping to add to the sites birdwatching walks page lately with the spotlight on Potter Heigham but have missed out on this hotspot which has come into focus with successful breeding Black winged stilts this year and a range of other recent goodies including Cattle egret and Baird’s Sandpiper either of which would look all the better on my year list.


Family of Greylag geese taken not long ago.

I have managed to get my local WEBS surveys done with nothing exceptional except perhaps for a lack of greylag geese which are usually present in triple figures but disappeared completely last week. Let me know if you have seen a couple of hundred missing geese.. I managed to catch something on film whilst out surveying but once again it was nonavian.


Female Southern Hawker id courtesy of James Emmerson.

Video of the week is of a recent robin who  regardless of his shabby moulting state stopped in front of camera for some indulgent sunbathing. This will be undertaken in part to rid himself of unwanted parasites and from the look on his face in part just to make the most of some elusive sunshine.




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