4 more wild days

Day 5 of #30dayswild and it was time for an early WEBS count and a chance to recover my camera trap from nearby Marlingford.  First a trip to the mere to check on the nesting birds and after a few years of disappointment and a disastrous year last year due to flooding this year has been splendid with seventeen common terns sitting on eggs.


Common terns simply elegant.   Credit: René Pelletier Flickr via Compfight cc

As well as the terns there were a handful of black-headed gulls and an oystercatcher also nesting nearby and hopefully hiding their nests away were lapwings and a little ringed plover. The mere was covered in a range of sizes of young geese and feeding over it a large number of swifts replacing the swallows and martins of previous recent trips. Next time to recover the camera trap.


Camera trap attached to a coppiced tree .

I had set the trap as I was surprised at the perfect clearing round the tree when everywhere else was overgrown and wondered if it was the trees rainshadow or perhaps made by something else.

Day 6 was wet and wild  and whilst I was briefly charmed by a grey visitor to the garden I did not spend much time out being wild but headed for the computer to review the camera footage.

DSC_0006 (4)

Grey Squirrel on a grey day

The camera trap revealed plenty of squirrels, roe deer, woodmouse and muntjac as well as birdlife in the form of blackbirds, song thrush, wood pigeons and an inquisitive jay which ended up hopping on the camera knocking it groundward. Video of the post however goes to the most inquisitive capture recently  probably the ultimate close up.

Day 7 saw me determined to get out and enjoy the outside wildlife having failed on day 6 and I headed out for a lunchtime stroll to Norwich Cathedral to check out the peregrines which were like many other birds revelling in the Blustery conditions. Initially only the female was visible hundreds of feet up on the spire.

DSC_0001 (2).JPG

Big gold weather vane way up high on top of the second highest spire in the UK at 315 feet up


closeup of the female cropped from above, about 300 feet up

My photos are of course rubbish as the birds were a long way up but there are plenty of great ones from last year at the following link (click here) and the live camera watching the birds and their one chick at the Hawk and Owl Trust site (click here). The youngster probably has a week or so before they fledge so I and I am sure others will be spending more wild time at the cathedral soon. I finished my lunchtime stroll with a trip to the river at nearby historic Elm Hill in the company of a grey wagtail bouncing around in the windswept branches of a riverside tree.


Grey wagtail with its perfect yellow rump.

Day 8 was rubbish stuck in a car with nothing to do but count the birds of prey. final score Buzzards 2 Kestrels 4 and in pride of place a red kite quartering over the M11.And whilst the kite was sublime I am hoping for a bit more wild over the next few days.


2 thoughts on “4 more wild days

  1. Just got back from holiday in Norfolk today. I saw a Muntjac deer, but it was on the road side of a busy road on my way home. Yours at least is in a much safer place. 🙂 I was on a car journey type of day today so counted wildlife too. Though I’m useless at iding birds of prey except kestrels!

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