Two rights and a Wong

This week has been a slow one for me as my seven year old assistant suffered from a bout of tonsillitis and I was left to care for her. The time was not wasted  as the weather occasionally allowed some garden convalescence and having missed out on this years big garden bird watch  we set about adding some birds to the garden lists. Perhaps our favourite and regular after a number of mild winters was the UK’s smallest bird and whilst it is frustratingly fast moving I did at least manage to get a couple of shots worth showing.


Goldcrest the smallest and fastest moving bird in the garden looking for its next meal


Meal caught alas it only feeds in the trees not on my young vegetables which bear the ravages of early caterpillars

There are a variety of interesting passage birds moving through the county at the moment but trips to see them have been curtailed due to my nursing responsibilities so instead I have travelled locally and checked out the incoming Summer visitors. In Admirals way the chattering swooping housemartins are back in force and no sign  of any locals putting up defences to prevent them nesting which is great to see and a far cry from my previous post available here . In an effort to check out some others I travelled to an over looked part of the parish Wong Farm . The evening was starting to draw in but it was still warm enough for an early skylark serenade.


Feeding skylark much easier than capturing the singing version.

I had been drawn to the route after seeing Buzzards chasing crows over the same area earlier in the day but none were  present for my visit. The sun was also still strong enough to bring out singing chaffinch, yellow hammer and chiffchaff but none were particularly visible although I did catch up with one later.

DSC_0010 (2)

Late to bed yellowhammer

I set off towards the farm itself and was overflown by late night lesser black-backed gulls heading for their roosts. The evening crew had started to settle in and were singing including wren, song thrush and blackbird. As I travelled along the field edges I was treated to a number of brown hares scampering to cover which was good to see although none hung around for a photo. When I got to Wong Farm there were plenty of swallows darting about and I am fairly sure I witnessed at least one couple ariel mating but they were so fast this is the best photo I managed to get.

DSC_0006 (3)

Evening barn swallow with tail streamers not yet damaged through incubation.

Having secured good counts of swallows and housemartins locally I headed back to home but was treated to  a final view of another local who’s numbers are well within the green zone and arguably not a good thing environmentally.

DSC_0003 (4).JPG

‘My what big ears you have got.’ Evening Muntjac deer 

And now  the regular video is direct from Disney’s Bambi with her father entering right of stage and looking a little camera and just generally wary.

The background song is from Great tits, Robin and blackbirds. Last photo of the day goes to my favourite local charity Finnbarr’s force and their latest adventure helping the families of those affected by childhood cancers. May the force be with you..



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