Quiet time and some drive by shooting

November slipped quietly by with no noteable local additions to the patch list and whilst a few great birds arrived in the county competing demands have largely prevented me from taking them in. As my last post finished so this one will start with my Autumn  favourites as myself and a slightly ill 7 year old assistant went for some hit and run BBC (birding by car) in Costessey at Jerningham Road which is a perfect spot for hungry waxwings. There were plenty of photographers present and as we turned up  a flock of 40 or so birds gave their funny whistling calls and dropped into a nearby tree for a brief photo opportunity in the grey afternoon.


Difficult to outshine a waxwing but I think the berries have it.

The birds were quickly spooked by an unseen menace so we headed off for a quick check of my WEBS site at Algarsthorpe. The approach to the site looked promising for birds with large flocks of finches and thrushes moving against the darkening skies. Whilst appearing as only shadows to the naked eye calls and size helped identify goldfinches redwing and fieldfares.


A heavily processed photo confirms the larger fieldfare (left) and slighter redwing (right)

After seeing little else but carrion crows, jackdaws, rooks and woodpigeons I set up for the main count but added only two stock doves and an impressive eleven moorhens. I guess the meadows will have to flood a little before the big numbers and varieties of birds get interesting.


Moorhen one of eleven

After a poor turnout at Algarsthorpe I had the time to drift over to nearby Great Melton and specifically Pockthorpe Road which runs towards Wymondham where a number of grey partridges have taken up residence. Given the natural scarcity of these birds this little covey have I assume sensibly taken a break from local shoot too hang out somewhere safer unfortunately they were not to be seen.

DSC_0009 (2).JPG

Pockthorpe Road with its attendant Oaks still looking Autumnal but the leaves will soon be down.

Apart from attendant flocks of rooks there wasn’t much to see but a call drew my attention to a large raptor as one of the local red kites came into view. It stayed a little out of photographic range but flew and called from field to field for a few magical minutes allowing me another add another drive by record shot.

DSC_0001 (3).JPG

The unmistakeable Red Kite with its distinctive profile

Hopefully with some brighter winter weather promised and a more concerted effort to make ‘wild time’ the next post will  host numerous fine captures and memories.



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