First Video

The last week or so has seen some lasts and some firsts and some brief patch time. First of the lasts was a last boat trip on the broads for the year and a chance to catch some photographs of regular village visitors.Trips to the Hethersett Hall lake via the local paths tend only to give brief glimpses and the occasional call of one of my favourites the fluffball little grebe. Early sightings of a number of birds on the edge of the broad suggested some photo opportunities however the grebes had other ideas..


Little grebe leaving stage right 

Whilst the little grebes and their larger cousins kept well out of the way we were treated to a brief hunting kingfisher a bird which I still wait to see locally. The kingfisher sat in a tree overlooking the broad but mostly out of sight and only showing its presence when it dropped into the shadowy water for a fish with a loud splash. Alongside the kingfisher was another village fisherman a Cormorant who was much more obliging and even manged a little avian yoga before flying off.


Cormorant in a relatively standard hanging around pose


And stretch 123 showing of its swimming muscles.


Take off, a short while after the yoga was finished

A couple of days after broads trip myself and my seven year old assistant set out to explore our local county wildlife site for the latest Village Website. To check out the site details (Click Here).  It was a balmy afternoon as we enjoyed the overgrown Beckhithe Meadow but birds were a bit thin on the ground. A pheasant called from out of site and is a regular on the meadow which is too far from the usual shooting patches for it to be at risk and they can often be seen roosting in the local Oak trees along side little owls. A robin and wren put in some seasonal tunes but no winter visitors were seen. The warm weather did bring out a couple of butterflies and a dragonfly as a reminder of summer and possibly the effects global warming.


Perhaps the last sighting of the year a peacock butterfly soaking up Autumn sunshine on the path to the parish pit.

As it is Autumn and still peak fungi time I made an extra effort to keep my eyes open at ground level incase anything interesting turned up and it paid off with a delicate little lilac fungus which was later identified (thanks to James Emmerson) as Lilac Fibrecap.


Lilac Fibrecap complete with contrasting unidentified yellow fly. Unfortunately the lighting didn’t really do either justice. The fly was an unexpected visitor when the image was loaded on the computer and had been hiding out of focus in plain sight.

Back home it was time for a first a new camera trap to assist with checking out some of the local wildlife without all that hanging around. Having checked out all the alternatives online and in the local camera retailers I opted for Crenova 1080P and haven’t been disappointed with the sound, image and video quality along with good design ease of use and price. (other more popular and expensive cameras are available). I also managed a first video upload onto Youtube so you can enjoy a brief moment of non hibernating hedgehog action.

I hope that some basic errors (cutting back the overhanging weeds)and practice may bear better fruit in the future. I leave you with the only daytime shot I have taken of one of the local blackbirds which are still feasting on windfall fruit all over the village.



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