Wild June Ibis and other photo fails

Day 21 of wild June saw me on the northern outskirts of the village checking out our potential new wildlife reserve. I thought it might be nice to both survey the current breeding birds and perhaps get some photos of the natives. The reserve will sit on the West Hethersett Loop my favourite local walk. The exact area can be seen if you click on the red link and then look at point 2 on the map.  The photo opportunities never came but singing birds included a splendid pair of male whitethroats who had clearly nested too close together and needed to vocally spar off to protect their patch. Other local birds singing were songthrush, blackbird, robin, wren, goldfinch, dunnock and yellow hammer.


Yellowhammer always nice to see and hear on patch and not  very common this year. Credit: S. Nysteen via Compfight cc

Day 22 of #30dayswild saw me take an overdue lunch break and spend 15 minutes at the Suffolk Wildlife Trust reserve at Micklemere initially I watched the housemartin colony at the nearby mill which had plenty of nests which looked as if they had been built on top of each other since the mill had been built itself. next I took a photo of the local swift tower  which has been put in place to attract and offer homes to swifts which have been suffering as new build homes do not have the same opportunities as older houses.

DSC_0008 (4)

Swift tower which is quite a significant nest box and requires tape lures of the birds calling to attract the birds to nest initially .Must be room for some of these locally.

Next I met a fellow birder who gave me the friendly greeting ‘its showing well’ somewhat confused having just dropped in for a few minutes break from the day I asked almost apologetically ‘What is showing well? ‘The Glossy ibis’.  Now this was unexpected but not hugely surprising as the bird has been expanding its range alongside global warming and other distantly related family members such as little egret (which was present today). Micklemere occasionally offer birds close to its one hide for photographers but today’s offering was not glossy.

DSC_0012 (2)

Grey not glossy one of a family of Greylag geese

Other local birds but out of range of my lens included canada goose, egyptian goosecormorant, lapwing, coot and moorhen. The local black headed gulls were also clearly nesting as they moved on mass at a passing lesser black-backed gull. None of these will compare with the fantastic glossy Ibis which failed to show…


Glossy Ibis ‘showing well’ Credit: tedell via Compfight cc

Not to be entirely outdone by the captures of others I was impressed by the numerous flying shovellers which were particularly active today on the reserve and which could always turn up more locally. Needless to say once again I failed but here are a couple I prepared earlier:


Male Shoveller clearly suffering from high pollen counts

DSC_0053 (2)


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