Unexpected wild June encounter

The third of June saw me cross the county line and take a few minutes in both Norfolk and Suffolk to get my wild encounters in for #30dayswild. In Suffolk I stopped in my favourite lay-by just south of Westleton. This is on the doorstep of this years Springwatch  and is an annual pilgrimage for me, as you park roll down your window and listen to Nightingales. However once again the weather looked set to spoil the party with grey cloud the man feature of another June day. As I walked out onto the adjacent heath Nightingales started singing from deep within the bushes briefly testing their neighbours acoustic skills. They soon gave up and left the local chiffchaffs to cover for them but for a few minutes it was as usual amazing. The most photogenic wildlife was the local rabbits.


Young rabbit Credit: Snails That Roar via Compfight cc

As I headed home I took a few minutes out at Hethersett Hall via Kissing Lane and was treated to not only fly past bullfinches but another annual fix the mallard ducklings doing their crazy fairground ride esq grabs at the flies over the water. They spins and whirl and obviously pick off the flies whilst their parents either slept or watched from the sidelines.

Mallard Duckling (2)

Mallard Duckling very cute

So on to day 4 of wild June. A trip to Strumpshaw should have been the highlight of the day but I walked out towards Buckenham rather than checking the garden by the Main Hide and missed out on Swallow tail butterflies. I wasn’t really treated to anything but was left wondering why I only saw one swallow and why for another year was there no sign of a spotted flycatcher both a little depressing but in line with the decline of both birds nationally. I returned home and as the June weather had finally set to flaming I lit the BBQ and used the opportunity for cooking to check on my local avian friends. Chiffchaff calling was a good sign and he was joined by blackbird and the rather less vocally accomplished greenfinch. My 7 year old assistant picked out a Jay screeching and it turned up later along side a robin. But unexpected wild encounter of the day was discovered by my 21 yr old assistant who heard a bang from the dining room and called me in to see a woodpigeon which had wandered into the house and got trapped. I captured him by hand and let him fly out of an open window non the worse for his experience.

Woodpigeon (3)

Woodpigeon safely free from my Dining room (check back soon for more wild June)


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