Wild about June

May has gone by in a blur and whilst it had some very brief but very special natural moments it has been besieged by personal matters resulting in infrequent posts. One of the editors  regular readers (and father) has found himself fighting a post cancer surgery battle. The editor and many of the village  the locals time has been spent under the spectre of cancer as local 5 year Old Finnbar fights his own battle and we fund raise towards his care in the hope of making life better for him and his family. Finnbars Just Givingpage.

My preparations have included quite a lot of running which if I were fitter would have undoubtedly given me time to watch the local bird life but the best I managed was to listen to the house martins as they wheeled about Admirals Way accompanied by the occasional screaming swift. As June has kicked off  so has the Wildlife Trusts 30 days Wild so this seems like the perfect tonic as we are encouraged to do something wild every day for a month.

Day one was almost overlooked but there was a chance to take in a wild moment with the help of my now 7 year old assistant as we checked on her recently placed Birthday present. It didn’t appear to have any new occupants to test our naturalist skills on but time will tell.

DSC_0060 (2)

Give them a home and they will come

‘Blazing ‘ June has picked up where Soggy May left off and with no sign of a rain free day and half term in full swing it was time for a wildlife option with indoor play and a cafe so Pensthorpe  was a safe option. On route we stopped at Longwater and were treated to a flyover oystercatcher. This piping bird has  been updated in the Birds of hethersett as it has appeared locally a couple of times recently and it was to be the centre of attention at Pensthorpe. Pairs of birds piped and wheeled around in formation leaving me wondering why today they should be so noisy.

DSC_0038 (2)

Noisy Oystercatcher.

It wasn’t long before a quick flash of fluffy white in the nearby undergrowth gave away the cause for all the commotion. If it hadn’t broken cover I would never have seen it or its sibling as the photo below shows unlike the pied parents oystercatcher chicks are well camouflaged


Fluffy chick taken with long lens so as not to unduly disturb it or its parents

Time spent watching the oystercatchers was time well spent as all other issues vanished in the beauty of the moment and there was no shortage of fluffy youngsters with mallard and moorhen babies scampering about . Otherwise there was also an appearance from  a local celebrity due for release following convalescence .It was nice to see one of these prickly fellows alive and not as a couple of times recently as the victim of a car versus hedgehog fatality on the Hethersett roads.


Hedgehog one of the stars of day 2 of 30 days wild check back soon for the next installment.


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