Return of the lesser of two whitethroats.

I was alerted by text message today to not one but three little grebes at Hethersett Hall Lake. Until last year this was a bird not recorded locally so to have a potential breeding population is great. I have only heard them calling locally once but it is a truly eerie call that belongs to wild places. It can be heard at the following link

Little grebe wild but very cute  Credit: florianpluecker via Compfight cc

 On route to the Hall I bumped into Dan B who had not only seen grebes but also seen a flock of linnets and yellow hammer over at Market Lane. Given my failure to catch either of these beautiful finches recently I turned towards the West Hethersett loop with the sun coming out from under the clouds perfect time for a stroll in the country.


 Sunshine on the field margins showing the weather well and the first bird of the walk a magpie (on the top of the tree) not so well.
I stopped at the track that leads from the village pit and just listened there were a number of chiffchaffs making themselves known. I haven’t done any detailed recording of numbers but they seem much more numerous around the village this year. A hay called more harshly and somewhere in between harsh and melodious was greenfinches  also numerous around the village and somewhat against the national trend of decline in numbers.
DSC_0010 (2)
Greenfinch serenading from blossom filled trees
As well as the common birds there was also a distant chatter from what was probably housemartins high over head. To far away to be seen and a trip earlier this week to their breeding hotspot in Admirals way did not produce any so they will wait to make it onto the patch records for a little while. Lastly was a sound I have also waited all winter to hear the unmistakable call of a lesser whitethroat check out the link for its song. The bird whilst singing initially high up soon went into skulking and stayed largely away from my prying eyes. It did a magical performance of a quiet subsong from deep in brambles which had some notes of its cousin the common whitethroat but it soon resumed it usual call.


Juvenile Lesser Whitethroat hopefully coming soon to a hedge near you  Credit: rulliuno via Compfight cc

This is another bird which seems to be on the increase locally and certainly seems to be breeding successfully locally. If you are out walking the pit path it is very muddy in places so go carefully and listen out for the spring chorus with all its new voices to enjoy.


Gate to the Pit Path all mud and blossom.


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