Hoopoe and other great headgear

There are few birds that really stand out from the crowd and brighten up an Autumn day like a hoopoe. With  one appearing out of the grey at Crostwick just North of Norwich it seemed like too good an opportunity to miss  however as with so many of natures wonders it was not to be and I joined a small crowd of lost souls scanning empty paddocks. The journey was not without its spectacle as a merlin flew through the area causing panic amongst the small birds and was eventually mobbed away by a number of crows. After I left there was a further report of the hoopoe but I shall be left waiting for my next sighting.



Hoopoe Credit: Martial Mike via Compfight cc

Other recent impressive sets of headgear seen locally include a flock of Lapwings which flew over fields at Kimberley last week but didn’t make it as far as Hethersett.


Lapwing Credit: António A Gonçalves via Compfight cc

Last but by no means least in terms of winter headgear is a sure sign that winter is nearly with us with several reported calls being heard in the Hall road Area of South Norwich of Waxwings which are seen most years in the area and are waited for more locally by many.



Waxwing Credit: artanglerPD via Compfight cc


4 thoughts on “Hoopoe and other great headgear

  1. Hoopoes are common summer visitors to Central Asia and Lapwings are here except in the height of winter. They are not too hard to find in our SE corner of Kazakhstan, but Waxwings! Not so much as a glimpse in all our years here, although I did see them in one special winter in the Kizilkum Desert of Uzbekistan in 2004. I live in hope.

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  2. Wonderful selection of crowns. I’ve managed to photograph waxwing and lapwing but never a hoopoe. But like Starrywazzoh I’m also living in hope, and you’re absolutely right – there’s always a little hope to keep us going!

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