Autumn Watch

Its the time of year again when the rapidly ending days and work ensure that far to many wildlife spectacles are available but only on the red button. There have been a number of localish highlights with sightings of  whinchat, tufted duck, Mediterranean gull and even  a ring necked parakeet.  The last of these is highly unusual locally and it is unclear if recent Norfolk sightings are escapees or a spread of birds from their traditional London home lands.


Ring Necked Parakeet Credit: spookylou via Compfight cc (highly unseasonable picture) 

For those prepared to travel a little further the main draw has been a lesser yellowlegs at Breydon Water. This is a rare vagrant with an average of only 10 sightings in the UK a year and when you consider that it should be wintering in the West indies or South America its easy to see why it is so rare in the mudflats off Great Yarmouth.

Lesser Yellowlegs April 22nd, 2012 Weisensee Game Production Area, South Dakota Canon 50D, 400 5.6LLesser Yellowlegs  Credit: Terry Sohl via Compfight cc

Much more locally and fully in keeping with the Autumn watch theme there have been plenty of flocks of redwings and fieldfares feasting on berries and in a recent trip round the west Hethersett loop there were just a few of the local specialties including my favourites the barnacle geese.

Barnacle goose (5)


5 thoughts on “Autumn Watch

  1. Weird. Just been writing about ID of yellowlegs in the Bahamas, to the sound of parakeets in London. What were the chances. I didn’t know LYs were ever found here. I reckon the London parakeets are spreading. So are the ‘chiltern’ red kites which I’ve seen in west Wilts.

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