First Fieldfares

Buoyed by the recent global success of the Halloween Jackdaws and their popularity I thought I would use a few moments to see if I could find anything special on the west side of the village. It is fair to say a grey afternoon in October is not the photographers friend and the birds were quiet. Early sightings were of a hunting Kestrel who eyed me warily before disappearing to hunt somewhere quieter.


With the light low it was a struggle to get much from the grey and whilst the next surprised bird a pheasant at least offered a pleasant green background of winter wheat but he wasn’t any keener on hanging round than the kestrel. A small pond sounded promising with blackbirds and a moorhen calling but they stayed hidden. Also hidden but still special was a singing robin using its almost whispered winter song as though he was lamenting the approach of winter.

There was little else of interest before I got to the local reservoir other than flocks of woodpigeons constantly exploding from the trees as I passed disturbing their feeding on ivy and other berries. At the reservoir a flock of eight Canada geese were a pleasant surprise along with a host of mallard and some noisy black-headed gulls.


As I finished the walk I was distracted at the small pond that has been busy earlier. A chaffinch was fly-catching and was joined by a flock of long-tailed tits and some bluetits clearly making the most of some six legged harvest. There were a couple of blackbirds harvesting berries and the I heard the call of what I thought was a mistle thrush at first but reveled it self to be one of half a dozen fieldfares. The birds fled leaving me with a poor record shot so here instead is better capture. Hopefully they will get tamer and more confiding as the winter settles in and brings them into the village in search of berries and fallen fruit.


 Fieldfare Credit: blackfox wildlife and nature imaging via Compfight cc


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