Tolls Meadow and local highlights

It is important in an otherwise hectic life to steal some quiet moments with nature to recharge batteries and remember your place in the world. With this thought in mind I spent a few magic minutes at Tolls Meadow one of many natural wonders close to home. The target species was the  water vole which I have seen regularly in the clear fast flowing brooks which make this place so special. Today was surprisingly quiet with the first bird of the day being magpies which I have seen so often recently.



The water was clear and bubbled away under the bridges in the meadow but there was no ‘plop’ of the water vole. As I wandered listening to blue tit and goldcrest it became quite clear why the water vole was not showing, it was down to the new neighbours. An ASBO is no use when the neighbours are out to eat you and your family and their teenage youngsters were present today much to my delight.

Grey heron.

Grey Heron waiting for an afternoon snack

Grey heron (2)

Grey Heron showing off the vole catching beak

Grey heron (4)

I have also stolen moments locally on the West Hethersett Loop looking for the local kingfishers but again I have been disappointed  with only the local mallards a cormorant and the relentless flocks of tits for company. Highlight of my latest visit was a squeaking tree creeper amongst the pack.


Tree creeper Credit: flipperJB via Compfight cc


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