White-winged black tern

Today was a typical caught between seasons day when it wasn’t clear if it was to be a grey Autumn drizzle or an Indian Summer day and in the end it turned out to be both in equal measure and it paid to lie in whilst the seasons worked themselves out. The early morning saw numerous young house sparrows on the feeders and they have clearly had some breeding success this year. Some of the latest youngsters such as that pictured below are still occasionally chasing their parents for food and still showing a hint of yellow gape at the base of their base.

young sparrow

Once the sun had got out it seemed appropriate not to stay local but drift across to Ormesby Broad to catch up with a rare migrant visitor a juvenile white-winged black tern. Fortunately I took a telescope as the bird stayed at the back of the broad making photography relatively pointless. I still had clear views of this delicate and attractive sea swallow as it rested and flew amongst the terrestrial swallows. The Broad was full of swallows including many young birds hawking low over the water along side the large numbers of coots and the occasional great crested grebe to add some avian elegance to the  water front scene.


 White-winged Black tern Credit: lord wardlaw via Compfight cc


 Great Crested Grebe and chick (because you can’t have too many photos of this bird and its cute stripy babies who will by now be much more grown up). Credit: bazzast170 via Compfight cc


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