Last Swift at Pensthorpe

I have made two trips to Pensthorpe in the last couple of days and whilst watching the last of the housemartins and swallows getting itchy feet (probably wings) as they whirled around they were joined by a scimitar winged swift. This seems a very late sighting with all the village swifts over a fortnight gone.

Pensthorpe is a photographers paradise and my visit centered around getting some of my own shots for future blog entries. For now here are a couple of my favourites of the day. Firstly a turtle dove one of my favourite endangered birds. I have seen none this year even in their usual strong hold a Gressenhall despite a number of visits.

Turtle dove (6)

Turtle Dove

With the fine weather many birds were content to sunbathe including these young moorhens who are a similar size to many chicks seen recently round the village.

Moorhen chicks (2)

Moorhen Chicks

Undoubtedly the most photogenic star of the park is the African Crowned crane which is out of place on a Norfolk Birding blog and even with global warming is unlikely to be putting in a wild appearance any time soon, but takes the final photo spot today.

Crowned Crane (4)

Crowned Crane


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