Tales from the Riverbank

I had a mixed bag of sightings locally and further afield at the weekend. The first stop off was at the riverside at Thorpe to see if I could locate the goosander which was unusual both in terms of sighting and  showiness suggesting perhaps less than wild origins. Unfortunately it was not present but there were plenty of other beauties present to make up for the lack of small brown duck.

mute swan (3)

Mute Swan (straightforward beauty)

Egyptian Goose (3)Egyptian Goose (Beauty in the eye of the beholder?)

 Whilst sitting in the garden toying with the idea of travelling out to the coast to catch up with the delights of a host of migrants I was disturbed by a repeated tapping. Had I not heard the same noise a week before I might have dismissed it as the neighbour’s doing DIY however a little bit of call confirmed the DIY er as a nuthatch a long overdue sighting on the local patch. The tapping noise was made as he worked on various nuts which where carefully jammed into cracks in a tree or wedged between overlapping branches.


Nuthatch resting after some serious nut cracking

The coast never quite lured me away but I did get to Pensthorpe to check out the captive birds and get some images that I would have struggled to obtain on the coast.

Bearded tits

A pair of Bearded tits relaxing in the summer sun

Flamingos (2)Big Pink and unlikely to make a reappearance on a Norfolk birding blog anytime soon.


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