A quiet weeks highlights

A combination of poor weather prevented much birding this week and gave a few scares that summer had already gone especially as the village swifts disappeared a few times suggesting they may leave for their winter feeding grounds over Africa. Many thousands are already being reported as leaving over the south coasts. There are still young birds about this week who like me will be hoping for a bit more summer Goldfinches as pictured below are a treat as are Chaffinches feeding young in the garden tonight.

Juvenile Goldfinch

Young Goldfinch 

The highlight of the week has been a young Little owl mostly heard but occasionally seen on the West Hethersett Loop Walk.Possible options for those happy to travel for their birding this weekend could include a long walk to Blakeny Point to take in the Melodious Warbler or possibly a bit more local the two Stone Curlews seen near Kimberly where they were seen in flight over Dark Lane and land in a field between Dark Lane and the B1108.


Stone Curlew Credit: Dileep Anthikad via Compfight ccPho

Another must for the weekend is to check out the new site page on butterflies inspired by the Butterfly Conservation Big Butterfly Count.  Click here for the Butterfly collector page


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