Evening Highlights and Nocturnal Residents #bats

With things being relatively quiet both locally and around the County I took the opportunity for some leisurely evening strolls. Whilst it would have been nice to see a fly over bittern, as was reported yesterday evening heard flying over central Norwich, I had to make do with a more expected grey heron. I managed to get the photo below which reminded me of a ballerina with long featherless legs and a voluminous skirt.

Grey Heron (3)

Another treat  was a circling tawny owl  early on Wednesday over the centre of the village which appeared to be paying interest in some bats but I doubt these agile flyers were at too much risk.

I recently saw some bat survey results carried out in the Village early this year and that I would share:

Summary: the numbers relate to the number of bat passes rather than necessarily the number of bats.
Bat species = where there is insufficient information to assign the recording to a species or bat family—normally where there is too much noise to pull out a reliable signal or limited acoustic information.
Pipistrelle species = this is where the recording belongs to the genus Pipistrellus, but species identification is not possible.
Myotis species = this is where the recording belongs to the genus Myotis, which in Norfolk includes Natterer’s, Daubenton’s, Whiskered and Brandt’s.

22 May: 16 Bat species 127 Common pipistrelle 175 Noctule  16 Noctule Serotine or Leisler’s 1 Pipistrelle species 28 Soprano pipistrelle

23 May: 11 Common pipistrelle 1 Pipistrelle species 6 Soprano pipistrelle

24 May: 1 Barbastelle 2 Bat species 2 Brown long-eared bat 148 Common pipistrelle 2 Myotis species 11 Noctule 2 Noctule Serotine or Leisler’s 11 Pipistrelle species 45 Soprano pipistrelle

Who would have thought there was so much going on at night?

Flying Pipistrelle?

Pipistrelle Bat    Credit: rjns via Compfight cc


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