Church Farm. Watch out feral friends

I recently finished one of many recce trips as part of creating the latest Birding walk for Hethersett the Church Farm and Hethersett Hall Loop. Whilst there are some who frown on the feral or imported species I still enjoy the strutting and antics of the feral dove/pigeons who live at Church farm and who probably form part of the diet of the sparrowhawk which flashed past me at head height on a recent visit.


Sparrowhawks are clearly a very intelligent hunter with recent reports suggesting they are happy to use human walkers as cover whilst they approach their prey making for some very close views of this apex predator. As the pigeon photos were a bit distant I have also included this one of another local from the walks and another potential prey item the Jackdaw.


Other local news of late includes the RBA report of 4 Crossbills over Wymondham this week which have not been recorded locally but are always a rare possibility flying over and are likely like many finches to be picked up by call rather than identified visually.


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