Subtle seasonal changes

This week I noticed the first couple of herring gulls on the Academy playing field since the winter, presumably returning non breeding birds. A walk through the fields on the West of the village also brought a change in the soundscape offered by the birds. Quiet now are the chattering lesser whitethroats and only the fiercely territorial birds including Chiffchaff and wren were noticeable. A flyover heron and kestrel were nice to see but the highlight was this trusting fellow who shared lunch with myself and my six year old aspiring naturalists.

Robin (4)Robin

Six year old naturalists have an affinity with bugs and butterflies and so unusually I paid more attention and photographed a couple of butterflies. It is apparently a good time of year to see woodland butterflies and again I noticed that the most predominant species were different from a month or two ago. With the help of the Butterfly Conservation website the first was  identified as a meadow brown.

Small Heath

The second small white butterfly took a bit more work but was also identified by its tricky descriptive name and was a Small White Butterfly. 

Small White Butterfly

When I got home and blew up the photo of the small white I received a suitable set of Wows and Aaahs from my six year old accomplices. It is amazing to see those multifaceted eyes close up and to discover the beetles and micro wasps also on the flower that otherwise would have passed us all by. I will pay a little more attention next time I am out amongst the Hethersett Bugslife.


3 thoughts on “Subtle seasonal changes

    1. Our world has a bleak future if we do not get our children to engage to some degree with their natural world. Glad you liked the robin there are a few more via my photo page and on the Birds of Hethersett page


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