Birding away and updates to local records

The lure of ten wandering bee-eaters was too much so I headed down to Minsmere this morning just in case they turned up. It was never really likely as they had not been seen at their recent roost much to the displeasure of the 100 or so people who went there last night and early this morning. Rumours abound that they were disturbed by badly behaved photographers needing to get just a bit too close. There was plenty of local beauty however which would be difficult to see localy. The lapwings with their iridescent plumage were the most confiding birds.



One of the other highlights was the significant numbers of avocets which have done well this year and are protected by a substantial electric fence after last years disastrous year when they were predated by badgers filmed on the BBC’s Springwatch..



Other highlights included Mediterranean gulls and a passage whimbrel.  One of the birds which can be seen locally was common tern which is now seen regularly over Great Melton reservoir. I have updated the Birds of Hethersett page to reflect this and a number of other recent sightings and started to add a few extra photo’s. Please email me if you have any sightings or records I have missed.


Common Tern presumably checking on the water levels.


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