Love thy neighbour

I have two clear memories from my youngest years which are as vivid today as they were decades ago. The first is. of my first kingfisher. Little more than a blur of the most amazing blue I had ever seen, and probably ever will. I think I can clearly remember every kingfisher I have seen since as though they are burnt into my memories by blue fire. Still however no blue fire for me at the local lakes although I will spend some time soon and just wait.


Kingfisher Credit: grahamnichols47 via Compfight cc

My second clear memory was evoked earlier this week as I checked out the villages housemartin colony in Admirals Way. Here there are a few carefully crafted mud nests of the chattering black and white martins which travel to and from Africa to grace us with their presence every summer. Admirals Way is the best place to view them as they hawk above for insects to feed their growing .young.


It was not the birds feeding young which I got this fuzzy record shot of, that bought back my memories.  It was the empty muddy smiles nearby of nests that had not been completed or worse were destroyed before being completed. For my memory was of a neighbour destroying nests with a long pole as they were a nuisance and I watched in shock as birds of all ages fell out and were destroyed.

I hope most locals can learn to love their muddy noisy neighbours as they are an amber listed declining species which would be missed when they are gone. Advice for those less welcoming is available here 

To lift the mood the good news is that Blinky the one eyed robin is alive and well and supplementing his diet with fatballs from my feeders.Rare birds have been a little thin on the ground in the county this week but for those willing to travel a flock of ten bee eaters has to be the highlight appearing regularly over the last couple of days near Leiston in Suffolk


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