Missed another Mega?

Good news and bad news this week. Following criticism that I had been a little non diverse and harsh on my local one eyed Robin he has been renamed ‘Blinky’ by the family and we have welcomed his regular return. Only time will tell as to how debilitating his infirmity will be. In the mean time here’s another picture showing his ‘good side’.for his growing number of fans.

Robin (2)

The bad news is that on Thursday lunch time another potential local MEGA  a Caspian tern was seen at the Norfolk showground heading towards the village. About the size of a black headed gull but considerably more aerodynamic this would have made a nice once in a lifetime sighting fishing on one of our local lakes however it wasn’t seen again so I will have to make do with what could have been and a photo from elsewhere.


Caspian Tern Credit: rhysmarsh via Compfight cc

More good news for me in the week as with birding a little slow locally I took a long awaited chance to take a trip to see something which will not be appearing locally any time soon unless it escapes from Banham Zoo. My target bird was the  Quaker or Monk Parakeet which should really be living in South  America but survives in a couple of colonies in the south of the UK. Survive that is despite quarter of a million pounds being spent on eradicating them in the wild as their large communal nests apparently present a safety risk. Read more about  this and them here. They are understandably a little skittish around people but I managed to get a couple of shots of this lively sociable and just a little bit noisy bird. I for one would miss them.

Monk Parakeet (2)

Monk Parakeet (4)


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