Missing the MEGA

I have missed out on several birds recently around the village the most obvious one being the the colourful nuthatch.  The other even more arguably beautiful is the kingfisher.  I know both are present as I am told about them regularly and in the case of the Nuthatch their song occasionally teases me as I go to find them only to come away disappointed. It is amazing how such vividly colourful birds can just blend into the background. Whilst out on a regular hunt for my missing targets. Recently I have been fortunate to get much better views of Bullfinch another bright bird which is rarely more than a call and a flash of white as they disappear from sight.



Whilst walking today round by the Great Melton Reservoir I was alerted to the calls of a common tern fishing on the lake. I spoke to a fisherman who had been regularly in the area and as well as the terns he had also seen my nemesis the kingfisher. More surprisingly he recalled a sighting last week that he thought I would be interested in as he thought it unusual. Whilst sitting on the south bank of the lake in the Poplar woods he had seen a pied flycatcher which had surprised him as he wouldn’t have expected to see one. He’s not alone, but was an experienced birder of old who was an apparently reliable source. So it appears I may have missed a very unlikely early non breeding migrant and a bird never recorded locally


  Pied Flycatcher Credit: Stuart G Wright Photography


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