Local rarities Bee–eater and Quail

There have been a couple of interesting ‘heard’ birds locally that are worth me posting this morning just in case they are seen or heard locally or in case you want to go out searching for them.

The most recent bird to be heard calling  is a quail with a male heard singing its distinctive ‘wet my lip’s call in a barley field off Barnham Broom road from the public footpath at 7.40 pm last night. I know that it wasn’t calling later. My thanks to Sarah H for the early warning that this bird had been heard.


Picture of the quail courtesy of the RSPB website which gives an indication of how difficult this rare game bird is to see as I could find no publicly available photos and have never seen the bird myself.

The second stunner was heard over the UEA on Wednesday at 5.10pm but again not seen and this was another rare summer migrant a bee eater. The bee eater is usually a rare visitor but bred on the Isle of Wight last year. Click on the link to see the RSPB coverage.


Bee Eater Credit: Stuart G Wright Photography via Compfight cc

PM Update 19/06/15: No further reports of quail or bee-eater locally however ten Bee-eaters were seen at RSPB Minsmere this morning flying north. Anyone wanting to watch videos or see more pictures and details of these colourful birds just click HERE for the link to the internet bird collection which is a great site full of material.


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