Search for the Hethersett peregrines

With a couple of recent sightings of possible peregrine falcons and an intriguing sighting of a bird of prey diving a couple of hundred feet in an attempt to catch a young corvid and then flying to the church tower of St Remigius last week this afternoon seemed a good time to hunt for possible peregrines. I set out on a loop walk round the rear of Hethersett Hall and the church and it was good to see that there are coots on the Hall Lake with three youngsters.


Possible Peregrine hotspot Fields looking towards St Remigius

The bird life on the walk consisted of the singing summer warblers including chiffchaff and blackcap still very vocal. The families of blue tits and great tits were joined by long-tailed tits as I walked down Kissing Alley. All the birds were choosing to hide away clearly not keen on being photographed the best i could manage was a distant fuzzy chiffchaff.


I was pleased to see breeding and scolding whitethroats and also a pair linnets on walk round towards the rear of the church. Linnet is a finch very much noticeable by its absence in recent years so always good to see.

The church yard at St Remigius was as devoid of peregrines as the rest of the walk had been but allowed some better photography  with starlings which put any bird of paradise to shame if caught at the right angle in the right light.


For anyone hoping to see cracking photos of peregrines they will I am sure follow eventually. Fortunately the Norwich Peregrines website is currently full of fantastic photos of the birds especially the new young so well worth a visit or pop down to the Cathedral and watch them for real.


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