Birding highlights home and away

June is now a week old however it is not too late to get involved in the wildlife trusts 30 Days Wild and try out a few wild encounters. Whilst I have taken some pleasure in supporting the BTO’s house martin survey  on one of my wild days it has been dampened by finding no house martins in my allocated squares  and no obvious birds nesting in the village. Let me know via the comments or email if you have seen any nesting locally.

Local highlight has to be the sighting of a barn owl hunting over the paddocks on the 3rd. The bird which was seen by Dan B carried a small mammal it had caught away from the area it was hunting suggesting it was hunting for its young. I took a belated trip out to check the paddocks but has nothing more than a dusk meadow surrounded by the late song of song thrushes 


Barn Owl Credit: Tony McLean via Compfight cc

Again if anyone else has seen the owls then please add a comment or email.

One of the reasons I had missed the owl was a quick camping trip to Kelling Heath with the highlight for me being kept awake by the churring call of the nightjars.


Nightjar doing passable Log impression Credit: Will_wildlife via Compfight cc

On Saturday evening I bumped into a party of birdwatchers out on the heath and we were  treated to good views of the birds. I would recommend the camp site and the heath for these nocturnal birds and other highlights including dartford warbler and turtle dove.

Anyone looking for the rarer avian highlights in the next day or two as part of their 30 days wild should perhaps head for RSPB Lakenheath with its long staying little bittern and visitor today a collared pratincole.


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