Night time and recent highlights

Ran out of day for a patch ramble this week and ended up checking out the crepuscular activities around the Village. The evening chorus as usual was filled with Blackbirds Robins and Song Thrush all the expected late singers. No sign of the local little owls but after being dive bombed by bats around the local fishing lakes I heard the unmistakable hiss of young Tawny Owls just north of the Pit. I have been hearing these regularly in the centre of the village as they have obviously bred successfully near Great Melton Road. I would guess that there are about half a dozen pairs around the village. The youngsters are obviously getting mobile as I was hissed at from different trees.

1 (1)

Other recent local highlights have included a flyover red kite last Wednesday heading South over West Hethersett and kingfishers at Great Melton Reservoir. Slightly further afield there was a brief report  of a black redstart yesterday morning in Wymondham at Ketts park but no sign since and a fly over honey buzzard at Norwich near the airport.


2 thoughts on “Night time and recent highlights

    1. Thanks for the update. I have spoken to a lot of local people who couldn’t remember when they last heard a cuckoo so this is a rare treat and it has made its way on to The Birds Of Hethersett page.


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