Birding highlights home and away.

This week as been a good one with a yellow theme running through it. A big wheeling flock of House martins and swallows over the rape fields either side of Suckling Lane was my own personal favourite with the birds chasing flies that had obviously hatched en-masse so the birds just wheeled between the gaps in the hedges picking them off within feet and sometimes inches from me.

I also visited the sewage works at Wymondham to check out the Grey Wagtails which were in residence with their more common Pied cousins. More yellow than grey even in the evening light.



Grey Wagtail

Despite having the intention of concentrating my efforts locally, this morning with the promise of fine weather and loads of Mega Messages suggesting a Citril Finch had been seen at Burnham Overy Dunes I packed the essentials and a couple of six year olds for good measure and headed off. This is only the second time this non migratory bird has been seen in the Uk Isles so the crowd that streamed in all day was significant.


This is a bird you are likely to see in Northern Spain so not from round here by any stretch of the imagination but the weather on the dunes would have made him feel at home.

Fortunately I got excellent views of the bird feeding on the ground within a few minutes of arriving. The journey home was a continuation of a good day with views of Red Kite, Kestrel and Buzzards in that order.


 Citril Finch Credit: Dave Appleton via Compfight cc

EDP Coverage


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