First Swifts

After a night of rain I was not expecting to see the first swift to return from the significantly warmer and drier parts of Africa, but there it was. Circling alone over the village centre with no real sense of going anywhere so probably going to stay local. I look forward to the screams of packs of these as they wheel through the village on warm summers evenings. Photo below not by me as small fast birds on grey days do not make easy photo opportunities.


 Swift Credit: HPGFOTO via Compfight cc

 In the afternoon I took a trip to RSPB Buckenham marsh which had more swifts battling the winds with ease. Whilst the reserve is always worth a visit, for the last  few days it has hosted a pectoral sandpiper. With time not on my side and reports from the RBA suggesting it might be elusive I was pleasantly surprised when it was the first thing I saw when I set up the scope. It fed out in the open with a small group of redshanks and some greylag geese.


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