Two hours of patch magic

Yesterday evening I got a little owl alert from Dan B and headed out on the West Hethersett walk aiming for the spot where two little owls had been showing very well. I have failed to catch up with these local birds despite their being around all year. My relatively quick attempt to get to the spot failed and I had to contend with empty oak trees and golden evening fields.


I was however treated to some frenetic whitethroats singing and performing their acrobatic display flights but there was no show from the owls. Made do with reading the interesting BTO fact page on them instead.

This evening I was banking on the fact it had been wet all day and that any respecting owl would be out on a sunny afternoon as they had been the day before. As I walked out  along the West Hethersett Walk I was accompanied by a pair of Marsh Tit.  This scarce bird for the area is one I have never seen locally so boded well for a successful trip. shortly afterwards I heard the unmistakable call of a Lesser Whitethroat which put in a brief diagnostic flypast before disappearing. This is another rarity and another bird that I have not seen around the village before. I made it to the spot where the owls have been frequenting and heard and then saw my first willow warbler locally for the year.

After scanning empty trees for a while I realised they weren’t empty and got the following shots of the incumbent owl which stayed put in a difficult to photograph spot..


The walk home was enhanced by a now showy lesser whitethroat which was back-dropped nicely by the blossom of a blackthorn unfortunately the battery on the phone had run out whilst snapping owls



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