Wymondham Black Redstarts

Recent readers of the sightings pages will know that at this site we like to announce our rarer visitors before they arrive,as we did a couple of weeks ago with the ring ousel at the UEA. One of the recent predictions was for black redstart which is noted in Wild about Hethersett as being seen in the Village March 2011. Once again the birds have failed to get to the village but once again they are close enough for me to get to.

Redstart 3

Fortunately I found a female this morning on the West side of Wymondham Near Ketts Park. Unfortunately it has stayed all day in an area with no public access. Again unfortunately whilst it spent the day in the sunshine sparring with the local robin, by the time I got to take some photos it was content to sit in the shade and so hiding its real beauty with its mouse grey front and vivid chestnut under-tail subdued by the evening light.


The other recent sighing was this week at the sewage works on the other side of town  which are always a mini birding mecca for myself particularly at this time of year as the swallows and house martins start to trickle in. Watch out for Wymondham to Kimberly which is likely to be a future walk with birding highlights taking in the sewage works and its own particular birding highlights.

Many thanks this week to Chris Allen the County Bird Recorder for his favourable comments and a timely reminder to all that your sightings common or scarce should be recorded using Birdtrack to add real value to county and national sightings .


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