Tree Sparrows

This week marked the completion of the first ‘Birding Walks beyond Hethersett’ and a highlight of anyone’s birding year with a trip to Common Farm to witness the swirling flocks of farmland birds and specifically the tree sparrows. Check out the walk for  details of everything seen which included most of the species listed with the exception of the winter ones and the swallows which I am yet to see this year.

Tree Sparrow

Locally the Buzzards appear to be most peoples current showstoppers and my thanks for Andy Q and Fraser H for the updates on the regular sightings between Hethersett and Ketteringham. The courtship and mating, which I also witnessed this week, explains why they are a little more visible currently than they otherwise would be.

Other things that are more visible than usual would be the ring ouzels seen all across the coast all weekend but specifically at Roydon Common where over 20 Individuals made a spectacular display. Other highlights yesterday include dotterel seen at Kelling, wryneck at Winterton and a flight of common cranes at Strumpshaw RSPB reserve. Closer top home an arctic tern was seen at Colney so look out for these returning seabirds as there is an outside chance of a fly over. Common terns are the most likely of the tern family to be seen over the village and I witnessed a pair over Henstead Road last year. The following video by the BTO will assist in splitting the two species.


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