Black birds on the wind

The spring volume is getting turned up to the max in the village early in the mornings with Song thrush and blackbirds vying for loudest outpouring. Chiffchaffs are also starting to arrive in numbers and a recent recce for the latest Hethersett walks with birding highlights around Old Hall School had several birds singing with additional support from chaffinch. great tits and wrens.

The strong winds last week provided a more spectacular birding show with carrion crow and lesser blackbacked gulls over the village with no apparent purpose than to enjoy the buffeting winds. Yesterday Jackdaws where tumbling over the centre of the village and one in particular was swooping on a tumbling leaf catching it and dropping it just to repeat the process clearly just showing off and having fun.

7292931560_795ef04703Jackdaw Credit: markkilner via Compfight

Crows Rooks and Ravens can present some ID challenges especially when soaring the winds distantly so check out the following guide if you need assistance:

Other recent aerial highlights include Buzzards over the North of the village as well as noisy displaying sparrow hawks. Midweek also saw an early morning fly over by seven greylag geese over Henstead Road and away to the East. With the spring migration warming up, a sighting (or more accurately a hearing) of  a calling ring ouzel over Norwich today showed the potential for scarcer birds. Last year saw one touch down for a couple of days at the UEA so it would be nice to see one locally amongst our more usual thrushes.


 Ring Ouzel  Credit: polandeze via Compfight

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