Winter Spring crossover.

DSCN4384March will see the end of most of our winter highlights and the first of the Spring ones. A quick check of ‘Wild about Hethersett’ shows that Chiffchaff arrived in 2011 on the 30th March and my own notes have one in the village singing the year after on the 25th so the question is will this new voice of spring be earlier or later this year, The song is distinctive and gives us the birds name, check it out at:

Rooks are clearly starting to refresh their nests around the village and can be seen carrying twigs from gardens to their tree top gatherings. Some birds are starting to sing more obviously including the diminutive wren which will become more obvious now that it is not just skulking about mouse-like in the undergrowth as its alternative name the ‘titmouse’ suggests.

The Egyptian geese are just a memory now in the fields near Little Melton Church and  have largely dispersed to nesting areas and are usually early with their first Goslings. the nearest ones I have seen since the big winter flock broke up are at The old Mill at Marlingford

The winter is still with us and this week I watched Pied Wagtails putting on a seasonal show in Wymondham. It is worth a trip to Penfold Drive and Copper smith Way by the East Anglian Motor Auctions at about 5pm on a dry evening you should still be rewarded with the sight of 200 plus pied wagtails preparing to settle to roost for the night


Pied Wagtail  Noel Reynolds via Compfight cc

With a very quiet February now over I look forward to some spring highlights over the next few weeks. As the migration season starts to get into gear almost anything could fly over or turn up. I would be particularly keen to see the 2011 highlight of a Black Redstart which graced a garden in Pond Close on the 27th March so fingers crossed….


(Black Redstart coming soon to a Hethersett garden near you)


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