Gulls and Watch to the skies

With February and half term drawing to a close now is a good time to check the local playing fields for gulls February is a good time to see various gulls with winter and continental visitors a possibility The Academy Playing field is always a good place for gulls feeding on worms and invertebrates and I have seen Herring Gull recently stamping on the ground to encourage their food to rise to the surface. Herring gull is the largest Gull seen with any regularity in the area.


Herring Gull Photo Credit: Flickpicpete  via Compfight cc

 The most common gulls in the village regularly lining the roof tops near the Chip shop are the black headed gulls some of which are just starting to get their summer plumage with the black cheek spots steadily spreading to what will be full chocolate brown heads. In amongst the Black headed gulls are occasionally seen slightly less common and therefore perhaps mis-named common gulls. Best seen together for comparison this week on the recreation ground feeding on the football pitches

Common Gull

 Common Gull with Black-headed Gull behind.  Photo Credit: john47kent via Compfight cc

Other Gulls seen locally which have not made it into the Village are Lesser Black Backed Gull one of which has been sitting regularly with black headed gulls in the large puddle/pond in the field opposite Waitrose at Wymondham. The monster gull that is the Greater Black Backed Gull has been recently seen at Eaton park and with tractors now working the fields locally almost any gull could turn up.

I have been scanning the skies for passing big gulls and maybe the Great White egret mentioned in my last post and whilst these haven’t turned up a pair of soaring buzzards above the B1172 at Thickthorn Hall is another spring sign that is always a pleasure to see

For those of you either tempted by the thought of identifying your gulls or keen to sharpen your skills check out the following links and Videos:


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