Bird of Paradise and a hint of Spring

A walk through the village early this week produced a number of audio highlights with a number of birds establishing their early territories and singing voices. The high pitched trilling of the Dunnock was one of the most popular with the odd robin and black bird for company. In among the sweeter songs was the harsh scolding of a jay which was heard in central and eastern parts of the village and put on a spectacular display rocking back and forwards in trees by the Recreation ground in a show that would have rivaled some birds of paradise.


(Jay being fitted with ring at BTO Headquarters Thetford)

 The Snow fall and temperatures are a sure sign that Spring proper is still some way off but this turn to cold could bring other vistors to the area . Today a lone lapwing was spotted at the UEA so keep an eye on the local fields for lone birds which might be a little bit unusual. Reed buntings are another cold weather visitor to gardens near fields seen in the last few months . As small brown birds reed buntings can be a bit tricky to pick out to the inexperienced eye fortunately the BTO have produced the following video to assist..


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