Big Garden Birdwatch

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Dont forget to get involved this weekend and ‘count the birds that are counting on you’. The house sparrow featured above will be visiting gardens in the village with seed feeders or fat balls as fortunately there are a number of healthy colonies of these birds. They can be easily seen on any trip to Tescos  although the hedge trimming tree lopping this week will have made them a bit jumpy.

Usually first into my own garden as and early morning visitor will be the Robin pictured below (courtesy P Jenkins) another early visitor will be blackbird especially if you can put out any old apples or pears halved . You may also get the pleasure of other winter Thrushes including fieldfare or redwing which have both been seen before Christmas in flocks over the village. Mistle thrush was also seen this week in fields by the Village Hall as have been Little Owls.

045 (3)

Final scores from my Garden an early Dunnock later joined by two others, Pairs of Blackbird,Great tit, Blue tit, Chaffinch  followed along with eight House sparrows. Notable by their absence  were Greenfinch Goldfinch Woodpigeon and Coal tit all recent regulars.


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