Up all night

The weekend saw my first night of the year woken by the hooting of the Tawny owl. This species of owl is the commonest in the area and the only one that hoots. Tawny owls generally stay in their home patch all year round and there are several territories in Hethersett. The hooting calls which were much  more noticeable before Christmas are part of their courtship and pre breeding and will be less noticeable as we head towards February when egg laying will start. So mid to late spring will be time to look for the Little chap pictured below .

1 (1)

The other late night and early caller making itself heard over the last week with males verbally sparring in the high tree tops is the Song Thrush. If you wondered what that unusual alarm call was checkout this link and confirm it.


Song Thrush (photo courtesy of P Jenkins)


If you are still thinking your are being kept awake by late night callers Blackbirds and Robins are both starting their Dawn Chorus practice at the Moment and it is worth checking out the following You Tube offering from the BTO.

BTO Bird ID – Nightingale and Other Night Singers


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